“The Rise: Art in the Heights”

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*Application Form at artontheavenyc.com*

Show Title: The Rise: Art in the Heights

Using the work of local New York artists, we wish to spark a conversation about the concept of “rising.”  What does it really mean? The act of rising hits differently for people with different socioeconomic backgrounds, life experiences, and privilege. We want to explore this concept as we reflect on what it means to rise in modern times based on unique experiences. 

It is up to the artist how to interpret “rise.” From a literal act of getting up from a seated or lying position to a metaphorical uplifting of oneself or others, to anywhere in between.

Rising is not the same for everyone. Think about it from a perspective of personal growth and success (rising to a challenge), transcending expectations (rising beyond), social and political movements (rising up), or the rise of consciousness about the environment. The concept of rising may also speak to the American Dream, a notion that manifests differently for everyone. You may also consider the diverse cultures and heritage that enrich our city and this neighborhood, Washington heights.

It is up to the interpretation of the artist to decide how the work speaks to the concept of “rising.”

What will the project look like? 

Art on the Ave uses vacant storefronts and existing businesses in high- visibility locations to create interactive art exhibitions for all to enjoy. Our next exhibition will be located in Washington Heights and will be a collaboration between Art on the Ave NYC and the Washington Heights BID, with the support of NoMAA. All three organizations work to enrich neighborhoods and foster a sense of place through public art.  

Washington Heights has a distinct legacy, small and independent businesses, and residents that engage in their community. It is bustling, colorful, and lively.

We want to highlight this neighborhood’s shops, restaurants and outdoor markets and vendors, its vibrant art scene, its schools, and its people from around the globe. This is a place where culture, community, and commerce converge.

Submissions should reflect, in a literal or symbolic way, our organizations’ values. Inclusivity, empathy, equity, growth, action, and activism are some of the key values that applicants can integrate. We look at artist statements closely to ensure that they reflect the exhibition theme. 

Technical Parameters: 

Artwork must be:

  • 2-dimensional
  • There are two sizes of gallery walls. 2ft wide and 4ft wide. Pieces CANNOT exceed 36in by 36in.
  • Gallery-Ready (ie. photography must be framed either without glass or with non-reflective glass, canvas must be stretched)

Please note, we will also be considering muralists to work on a collaborative project with a head muralist. 

  • If you wish to submit as a muralist, please include photos of past work. 

Project Timeline: 

  • May 15th  2023: Application Deadline
  • May 19th  2023: Selections Announced
  • May 25th  2023: Deadline for artwork to be deposited at storage facility
  • June 1st  2023:  Installation
  • August 31st 2023: End of Project

Application Requirements: (Application Form Below)

  • Artist Statement (including rationale detailing why the submission meets the mandate of the project
  • Artist Bio 
  • Resume
  • Links to website and social media channels (if applicable) 
  • Phone Number
  • Address
  • Artwork Image – May submit up to 3 pieces for consideration (submitted as a JPeg or PNG, maximum 5 MB per image) 
  • Artwork medium and dimensions (dimensions should reflect the final framed size if the piece will be framed) 
  • Price (cannot exceed $3,000)

Applications not submitted according to our guidelines may not be considered. 
For any queries please email info@artontheavenyc.com

*Application Form at artontheavenyc.com*

Listing expiration: May 15, 2023.