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Learning about shapes, spaces, and spatial concepts is foundational to the pedagogy of early language, literacy, reading, and mathematical thinking in young children.  We use geometric thinking when we build with blocks, assemble puzzles, or create patterns. For adults, the use of geometry often takes the form of rationalizing and understanding abstract concepts and relationships. How can this investigation of lines and shapes (both aesthetically and conceptually) help us illustrate the ways in which ideas connect to each other, while having the potential to encircle, abstract, and diagram really big ideas?

The four artists in GEOMETRIES demonstrate the many ways in which shape, color, and lines can be used to articulate complex ideas, while collectively building the fundamental ideals we share with children. Marisol Martinez uses her spiritual background and meditative strategies to build conversations around community, collectivity, and human connection. Chris Bogia, through his colorful building blocks, yarn, and other materials native to interior decor, offers us a chance to acknowledge the beauty that is often in closest proximity to us. With abstracted forms and conceptual uses of color, Rico Gatson creates work that is not only politically minded, but openly celebrates the aesthetics of African textiles and Black history. Tariku Shiferaw’s work forms the premise for a deeply conceptual and lyrical investigation of color, where blues and blacks offer equal potential to represent a bruise as they do a beautiful sky or a musical note. For all these artists, the decision of what world we can imagine ourselves in is largely left up to us.

Things to consider:

●      How do we use words like side, solid, surface, point, straight, curve, inside, flat, top, bottom or angle to describe the world around us?

●      How do the artists in this show use geometry to create a story?

●      How can we use lines, shapes, and color in our own artwork?

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Jun 08 2022 - Aug 31 2022

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Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling


Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling
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Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling


Sugar Hill Children's Museum of Art & Storytelling

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