Hi-ARTS | CRITICAL BREAKS and SKY LAB applications


Apply by June 20, 2023

Hi-ARTS is now accepting CRITICAL BREAKS and SKY LAB applications. Hi-ARTS has been supporting artists for over twenty years and empowers artists of the Global Majority by offering artists space, time, financial support, and mentorship. Apply by June 20, 2023, to be considered for the upcoming season!

CRITICAL BREAKS is a residency program for artists who are in a pivotal phase of developing new theater and/or performance work. This might include experimenting with work that leans into the constraints of social distance (theater for one, outdoor and site-specific performance, virtual performance, etc.) or perhaps more traditionally designed for the theater or studio.⁠

SKY LAB is a residency for artists who center the community in the development of their work. While SKY LAB artists may work beyond the four walls of a traditional studio or theater space, or be presented more traditionally, Hi-ARTS supports work that centers community in the roots of its development, research, and consideration. This may include relationship building, deep listening and discussion, experience design, community collaboration, storytelling, and other interdisciplinary methods and practices that take place alongside and in relation to an artist’s identified community. We welcome artists to define what “community engagement” means to them.⁠

⁠?Learn more and apply at bit.ly/Residency-application


Listing expiration: June 20, 2023.