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The Role of Women in the Class Struggle

The International Workers’ Group will present a talk regarding Marxism, women’s liberation, and the class struggle. We will discuss women’s role in the class struggle both historically and in the modern day, through an internationalist communist perspective. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A and discussion.

The IWG stands for a global society where production is for need and not profit (and is therefore sustainable), where the state, national frontiers and money have been abolished, where collective power is organized through class-wide organizations like workers councils. This has to mean like the active, daily participation of the organization aiming for the interests of all. Only then can the world be rid of all the capitalist offspring of poverty, hunger, oppression and war: we call it communism but this vision has nothing in common with Stalinist state capitalism an the old USSR.

In order to get there we are working t create a working world class political organization – a ‘parry for want of a better word – not a government in waiting but a guide in the struggle for a new world. We by no mean claim to be that party but we do aim to be one of the elements which will need to come together in its formation. As the working class, the majority of the world’s population, is more and more faced with the consequences of a crumbling capitalist system, it will have to unite and overthrow the capitalist system and its bloody imperialist appetites. The Internationalist Workers’ Group is the US affiliate of the Internationalist Communist Tendency. For more information about our organization and answers to frequently answered questions: https://www.leftcom.org/en/about-us 

In compliance with Word Up Community Safety guidelines, all attendees are encouraged to stay masked at all time. 

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May 19 2024


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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