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Girls Rising

Girls, with all its beauty and all its shortcomings, the world is about to be yours. You’re going to be faced with more choices than your mothers and grandmothers could have ever imagined. Your voice will have as much power as any other woman’s has had in human history, and countering that will be generations-old ingrained bias and inequality. They’re hard to see at times, but we feel the weight of them everyday.

This is the workshop where we rise to the challenge our predecessors laid before us. We will take an in-depth look at current events, expectations and trends that are directly affecting you and your fellow women warriors. We’ll discuss role models and heroines, past and present. Our writing projects will pour from our hearts and heads, addressing our own experiences and those of others who self-identify as girls and women. We won’t be afraid of the truth, nor will we shy away from possibility.

Participation in Young Girls Rising is not required to take part in this workshop. All who self-identify as girls, women, trans, or gender nonconforming are welcome – just bring the bravest and most honest YOU.

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Jan 12 2022


4:45 pm - 6:45 pm

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178 Bennett Ave. (corner of Bennett and 189th St. ) NY


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