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ArtCrawl Harlem presents Boundaries And Connections Exhibit | Artist in Residence Art Talk

The group exhibit is the culmination of ArtCrawl Harlem’s 3rd annual intensive artist residency program. Since 2020 the residency program has provided each artist with private studio space, a monetary stipend, professional development, exhibit space and public engagement. During their three-month long residency each Artist in Residence was charged with creating a series of work considering Boundaries Connections. Ulysses Williams, ACH Executive Director shared “Each Artist was selected by a jury of art industry professionals, and each artist has possessed a level of commitment to their genre and have created impressive bodies of work to share with the public.” ArtCrawl Harlem will host on Sat., October 22nd, 2pm to 3pm – Artist in Residence Art Talk.

ArtCrawl Harlem’ Boundaries and Connections residency program recognizes the importance of artists having the space, freedom and resources to create, exhibit and engage the public with their artwork. From May through September five artists, Daniel Robin Clurman, Daryl Myntia Daniels, Cj Priester, Heather Williams and Jaleeca Yancy have thrived in the ACH Artist residency program including three artists; Michael Coppage, Cat Schmitz and Theda Sandiford who were tapped to provide interactive public art installations. “As a fiber artist I utilized my studio to focus on developing natural dye baths from indigo, madder root, saffron, logwood, and weld. And, forging botanicals such as willow leaves, hibiscus, and honeysuckle, and working with the island compost department to use avocado pits. The ACH residency allowed me the space and time to perfect recipes and understanding of natural color theory on fabrics such as cotton, linen, and unbleached muslin/bleach muslin.” says artist in residence Jaleeca Yancy.

The month-long exhibit is a celebration of the triumph of these New York City artists as story-tellers considering community and familial values, social impact, nature, relationships, and challenges while expanding upon their processes. “Having dedicated studio space on Governors Island to paint in has enhanced my capabilities to create a larger, more detailed story; stories about me and my many identities.” states artist in residence Daniel Robin Clurman.

The Boundaries and Connections group exhibit will include the following:
Painter, Daniel Robin Clurman series titled “The Blond One” considers aesthetic, spiritual and emotional transformation. The group of six paintings are about healing his Queer Black self, makebelieve and reuniting with his younger brother and his brothers decent into addiction.

Multi-media Artist Daryl Myntia Daniels series titled “No Ordinary Love: Channeling the Energy of Life, Lineage and Legacy” is a series of pen and marker drawings on various types of pastel to duralar paper. Daryl drew inspiration from her current journey of becoming a new mother. Each piece embodies special moments in her life that celebrate family, femininity, life, and love, with subject concentration derived from existing family photos, and photos taken by her of family and community that capture personal and intimate connections.

Mixed Media Artist Cj Priester series titled “Any Black Man, U.S.A.” is a series revealing the many facets of masculinity, as it relates to Black male vulnerabilities. This series positions extremely dark skin tones and dark subject matter against brighter colors, flower petals and soft mesh, floral fabrics in order to challenge the negativity associated with darkness. Any Black Man in the U.S.A. is an attempt to demystify and humanize Black men in America.

Abstract Artist, Heather Williams series titled “DAMAGE and REPAIR II” is an exploration of relationships and the constant process of taking apart and putting back together. Heather pulls from the Nichiren Buddhist notion of turning poison into medicine as her works possess rips and tears as holding places on the surface. The damage representing disrepair and mistakes become the very thing needed to build growth, strength and beauty.

Fiber Artist, JALEECA YANCY’ series titled “Afro-Frolic: The Dichotomy of the Black Body in Nature Vs the City” explores design processes using natural pigments and botanical dyes. Jaleeca Yancy has been experimenting with textiles and works on paper to depict leisure, movement, and whimsy. Her goal is to link ancestral and modern art to showcase work. Afro-Frolic encourages the viewer to see beyond the boundaries of the city and tap into nature, to imagine new pathways to African diasporic freedom.

The ArtCrawl Harlem Art House on Governors Island will be open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays, 12noon – 5pm, Saturday, October 1st through Sunday, October 30th. For more information visit: www.artcrawlharlem.org. Make a donation. You make it possible by making a one time donation or becoming a partner with a recurring monthly gige to support the artist residency house on Governors Island.

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Oct 22 2022


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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