• On BronxNet OPEN: Puerto Rico- A Hope in the Dark

    On Open Friday, host Daren Jaime sits down with Joanna Castro, Executive Director Of Nomaa (Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance) and Charlie Vazquez, Arts & Culture Consultant, to talk about ‘Puerto Rico: Hope In The Dark,’ a documentary that depicts the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

  • BronxNet TV – OPEN with Daren Jaime – Puerto Rico: Hope In The Dark

    On OPEN, host Daren Jaime sits down with Joanna Castro, Executive Director of the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance and Art […]

  • Uptown Arts Stroll on New York City 311 @nyc311

    On the #311Weekend for Friday, June 1 to Sunday, June 3: A month-long #UptownArtStroll begins

  • Uptown Arts Stroll in Patch.com

    Uptown Arts Stroll To Showcase Local Artists for the 16th year
    This year’s month-long arts festival will kick off May 30 with a celebration at the Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and Storytelling.

  • 2018 Uptown Arts Stroll on BronxNet – OPEN with Daren Jaime

    OPEN host Daren Jaime sits down with Joanna Castro Executive Director of Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance to discuss the 2018 Uptown Arts Stroll happening throughout the month of June.

  • In the New York Times…..

    ….. ‘The annual Uptown Arts Stroll, scheduled this year for the month of June, takes in the area from West […]

  • Unity in Progress Mural in Seventeen Magazine

    Congratulations to Meliza Cepeda of Inwood Academy for Leadership for the Seventeen Magazine article about her Unity in Progress mural design.

  • Keen craft and care: Women’s show celebrated at NoMAA

    “Women in the Heights – Reflections on Creating” is the fifth annual show devoted solely to female artists. It is arguably NoMAA’s most ambitious offering to date. The show features the work of 25 female artists from a larger swath of Northern Manhattan.“Mujeres del Alto Manhattan – Meditaciones sobre la creación” es la quinta exposición anual de NoMAA dedicada exclusivamente a mujeres artistas. Podría decirse que es la más ambiciosa oferta de NoMAA hasta la fecha. La muestra presenta el trabajo de 25 mujeres artistas de una franja más grande del Norte de Manhattan.

  • At the Crossroads of Art and Activism

    “Immigrant Too,” features the work of local artists who are all from different countries. This discussion explored the overlap between being both an immigrant and an artist and was a frank and intimate conversation about the struggles and complexities of both.