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Nari Ward, Breathing Court

July 22, 2023 to July 21, 2024
St. Nicholas Park, Manhattan


The Kongo Cosmogram depicts the interaction between two worlds; the visible and the invisible, or the physical and the spiritual. Nari Ward is known for his sculptural installations composed of discarded material found and collected in his neighborhood. Ward re-contextualizes these found objects in thought provoking juxtapositions that create complex, metaphorical meanings to confront social and political issues surrounding race, poverty, and consumer culture. He intentionally leaves the meaning of his work open, allowing the viewer to provide his or her own interpretation.

This exhibition is presented by Project Backboard.


Jul 22 2023 - Jul 21 2024

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St Nicholas Park


St Nicholas Park
West 135th Street & St Nicholas Ave, New York, NY


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