*NYC has discontinued the Key to NYC vaccination requirement as of March 7. Visitors will NOT be asked for proof of vaccination at this time. Masks must be worn in common areas, including NoMAA Gallery.

NoMAA STUDIOS @4140 are available for rent 9am – 9pm 7 days a week (other times may be available upon request)

NoMAA wishes to make the space a community resource, open for rentals to individual artists and community-based organizations. Our goal is to support and advance the work of emerging and established artists in any medium in Northern Manhattan.  NoMAA is continuing our mission to create a cultural and artistic corridor in Upper Manhattan.

Located at Broadway and West 176th Street, in the second floor annex of the United Palace, the studios range from 600 sf – 1066 sf. Studios 3 & 4 have sprung dance floors, full wall of mirrors and built in Bluetooth sound systems. Studios 1 accommodates tap dance. Studio 2 is reserved for visual arts projects, booking details to come.

The studios are on the second floor, and there is no elevator access. Entrance for rentals is located on West 176th Street, just west of Broadway, at the United Palace stage door. For scheduled group classes use the door on Broadway between 175/176 Streets, next to the marquee.

Contact NoMAA about rates – including special membership rates for local artists.

STUDIO 4 – 1066 sf
HEPA air filter, two full walls of mirrors, Bluetooth speaker, sprung dance floor, capacity 50 persons

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STUDIO 3 – 840 sf
HEPA air filter, full wall of mirrors, Bluetooth speaker, sprung dance floor, capacity 40 persons

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STUDIO 1 – 600 sf HEPA air filter, Bluetooth speaker, accommodates tap dance, capacity 35 persons

Contact NoMAA about special membership rates for local artists.

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Upon entering building, proof of vaccination and valid identification corresponding to guest list must be shown by each person. Observing social distance proximity of 6 feet between guests whenever possible.  Any guest with a thermal register of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher will not be allowed access. Guests are mandated to be entered into a logbook. Walk-through magnetometer and security check of bags/personal items. Face mask/face covering must be worn in the building and at all times. (Exception to be made for talent/artist(s) performing/being recorded.) These procedures will continue to be updated to comply with NYC Department of Health guidelines for arts and cultural organizations.