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Jesus Martinez aka Jesus M361Jesus Martinez aka Jesus M361

I’m a Nuyorican born in Brooklyn in the early 1960s to a large extended working-class family, who brought their own stew of influences between the Puerto Rican and American cultural scenes. I take inspiration from the jazz artists and musicians of Harlem. I live to “see and create.” website »

Martin MeccouriMartin Meccouri

When the lights go down in a performance hall, we find ourselves in a rich liminal space. A space where discomfort, bravery and radical possibility converge. Let’s make more of these spaces. Producer. Actor. Fundraiser. Marketer. Award-winning teacher. Currently forming a diverse performing arts programming entity. website »

Roni MocanRoni Mocan

My projects are usually inspired by common everyday events. Something as apparently banal as eating, getting dressed, taking the subway or even a politician’s speech are themes that I like to take and try to expand on them, relating them to concepts of identity, place (urban) and marketplace (consumerism), etc. website »

Georgie MorelGeorgie Morel

The light of the day and the environment it creates are the foundation of my work. An important role in my painting today is the use of different mediums in one piece of work. Art has been a very important part of my life as a platform to express who I am in term of my beliefs, my hopes and dreams.

Chris Fabor MuhammadChris Fabor Muhammad

The founder of Creative Forces Inc., Mr. Muhammad believes in cultivating the gifts that humans have to offer. A visual artist, writer, model and actor, he holds a BFA from Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts, and he trained at Ophelia DeVore School of Charm and American Academy of Dramatic Arts. website »

Eva NikolovaEva Nikolova

As an immigrant grappling with the meaning of “home,” I am drawn to images of houses. In my work, the house takes on narratives of memory, longing and desire, and architecture becomes the allegorical guise through which I explore connections between iconic cultural objects and the construction of identity and memory. website »

Jim OherJim Oher

Jim Oher is an artist, psychoanalyst, author, business coach, college professor/consultant, psychotherapist and workplace interventionist. His artwork has been featured at prominent restaurants in Westchester, the NoHo Business Improvement Art Show and the Harlem Art Walking Tour. website »

Cathy O'KeefeCathy O’Keefe

I paint what I feel. I paint with energy and fire. My works are filled with rhythm and movement. Improvisation is my method of creating art. I explore internally for long periods of time and then paint quickly, explosively. The result is abstract but often recognizable. I love to paint. website »

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