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Julia JustoJulia Justo

My work reflects on the social and political powers that affect me, an immigrant and a Latin woman, and my community.
My models are law enforcement officers and immigrants. They are a blend of male and female. It’s a mutation of two protagonists separated by gender, race and social status. My models highlight organizations dedicated to helping immigrants. website »

Julian KaiserJulian Kaiser

My photographs are a document of the people/places of Washington Heights. They are not planned or composed in advance. Using a camera I produce an authentic contemporary document, simply and directly expressing the (unposed) spontaneous moment when humanity is revealed. website »

Maggie KellyMaggie Kelly

Maggie Kelly is a dance artist from Ontario, Canada. She is currently living in NYC, frequently performing, and pursuing her artist visa. Maggie loves nothing more than being onstage, and has competed both nationally and internationally in over 100 competitions across Canada and the United »

R.H. Lola KoundakjianR.H. Lola Koundakjian

Known as the curator of the online Armenian Poetry Project, Lola published her first collection of poetry, The Accidental Observer, in 2011; her second, Advice to a Poet, is ready for publication. Lola is the poetry editor of the Armenian-American magazine Ararat. Lola’s work has appeared online and in print. website »

Danielle LazarinDanielle Lazarin

Danielle is a fiction writer, at work on a novel and a collection of short stories. She is the founder of Iceberg Writing, which runs writing workshops in Northern Manhattan. website »

Carfer LamorCarfer Lamor

Multi-disciplinary artist working in the fields of writing, visual and performing arts. website »

Amaryllis LeónAmaryllis León

The primary themes I explore are closely connected to the exploration of female identity and experience. My future endeavors include applying therapeutic methods within the landscape of computerized digital imagery, while continuing to support and participate in the upper Manhattan visual arts community. website »

Alison LoebAlison Loeb

Lyricist/writer of MendelsSongs and others. Specializes in quirky, not-commercially-viable graphic novelettes, including “How to Wash a Cow” and “Tales from the Trash.” website »

K. LoewK. Loew

Art from my heart. There is a personal, underlying story that is key to the essence of each image. The images are visual souvenirs of fond memories, a happy moment captured and relived every time I look at them. I like to create art that makes my viewer, and me, smile! website »

Marne LucasMarne Lucas

Marne Lucas is a multidisciplinary artist investigating nature and culture with photography, video and installation to present unique aesthetic philosophies. Her social justice related projects include ‘Bardo ∞ Project’ an ongoing exploration of creativity as a form of spiritual end of life care. website »

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