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Risa Hirsch EhrlichRisa Hirsch Ehrlich

I’m an abstract artist whose primary medium is clay. Functional work is often a jumping off point (vases, bowls, platters) but the primary focus is visual. Still, the primary power of clay lies in its malleability and the quality of accidental events that invite exploration. website »

Harry EttlingHarry Ettling

I am a musician first, but developed an interest in photography in the 70s. I discovered after photographing things that simply interested me—without thinking about why—that my photos all have a rhythmic element to them, so my musical sensibilities spill over into photography as naturally as they are expressed in music.

Fanesha FabreFanesha Fabre

Dominican Illustrator currently residing in Bushwick. My work focuses on New York city and the things that inspire me about my experience living »

Mike FitelsonMike Fitelson

Ever since pursuing an anthropology degree at UC Santa Cruz in the 1990s, I have been fascinated by how communities are formed. This interest is reflected in both my photography (“Message Delayed,” “Northern Manhattan as Muse”) and professional work (Manhattan Times, helping found the Uptown Arts Stroll). website »

Ornella FriggitOrnella Friggit

Ornella Friggit is a Washington Heights-based visual artist, who works in media including digital painting, oil, acrylic, and ink. Her work deals with generational loops, migration and self-image. website »

Britt GambinoBritt Gambino

Poet. Editor. Proud Uptowner. Sometimes there’s poetry written right on the bathroom wall — and sometimes I’m the one who put it there. website »

Anthony GonzalezAnthony Gonzalez

Anthony’s political illustrations have appeared in The NY Times, Daily News and The Nation. He has painted two murals for NY Presbyterian Hospital, and his work has been shown in many exhibitions. He is the only person to be awarded an Edward G. McDowell Travel Grant based on a submission exclusively of drawings. website »

Elissa GoreElissa Gore

Thirty years ago I decided to devote my painting practice to beauty of the natural world as reflected in the landscape. I try to communicate the awe I feel by surrounding the viewer with atmosphere and a panoramic view. I find trees and their reflections in water especially evocative. website »

Holter Graham Holter Graham

An actor on TV and screen, Holter Graham has also narrated over 150 audio books, winning dozens of awards. He is best known for his film work in the original John Waters’s Hairspray; the Oscar-nominated Fly Away Home; Six Ways to Sunday; Spin the Bottle; and Offspring, as well as his television work on Damages, Rescue Me, Law & Order, Army Wives, and New York Undercover. website »

Kathleen GranadosKathleen Granados

In my work I explore the brevity of physical existence. Significant in my approach is the recontextualization of fibrous materials. I am interested in how relationships to these materials change. Through the technique of crochet, I investigate complex issues with a process that denotes comfort and familiarity. website »

Takashi HaradaTakashi Harada

I believe the forms of cells of living things, including plants and animals, have similarities in structures. I propose those images (as in my paintings) are double micro and macro images of nature itself. By looking at the images, people fall into their memories of the past. Those senses provide people more calm feelings and common sense of each other, beyond the difference of cultures. website »

Greta M. HerronGreta M. Herron

A classically trained soprano, she is also an outstanding jazz and cabaret singer, performing under the title “SopranoSmolder.” She is known for creating and wearing elegant hats, and for her photos and watercolors, which have been exhibited at the Arts Stroll events. Several videos of her performances are available on YouTube.

Peter J HoffmeisterPeter J Hoffmeister

Perhaps the most important thing we can do is to cultivate awareness. With my work, I explore the intersections of history, architecture, and language. I subvert these systems of utility we experience daily, in an attempt to expose their means of function, and to encourage the birth of new ideas to revitalize our world. website »

Nadine HugginsNadine Huggins

Since discovering her talent in 2010, Ms. Huggins has worked tirelessly to develop her craft. She draws her influence from the canals of Trinidad to the cold Canadian winters of her childhood. In the future, the artist will continue to produce pieces that inspire, compel and evoke a sense of space and time. website »

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