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(English) Persuasive Visions

(English) The 5th edition of Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA)’s public art initiative. Guest curator Stephanie Lindquist Sunday November 4, 1:30 pm Artist Talk with: Nick Kozak and Gina Goico Northern End of Inwood Hill Park (enter at Indian Road and 218th Street) … lea más »

NoMAA Exhibit: Neighborhood Anthems

(English) NoMAA Exhibit: Neighborhood Anthems Featured Artists: Andrea Kornbluth, Arlene Schulman, Joana Toro, Paul Deo Guest Curator: Henone Girma (Art in Flux) OPENING & ARTIST TALK: Tuesday Oct 16, 2018 6-8pm ON VIEW UNTIL: January 7, 2019 NewYork-Presbyterian, The Allen Hospital 5141 Broadway @220 St NYC … lea más »

CONVOCATORIA ABIERTA: Neighborhood Anthems

CONVOCATORIA ABIERTA a los artistas residiendo o trabajando en El Barrio, Harlem, Washington Heights o Inwood Curadora invitado Henone Girma (Art in Flux) FECHA LÍMITE 10 DE SEPTIEMBRE de 2018 premio $400 Please Share and … lea más »

Women in the Heights: Resistance

Women in the Heights: Resistance 583 Riverside Drive (@ 135th St) NY, NY Curadora Andrea Arroyo. Fechas: 8-28 de marzo. Clausura y charla con los artistas 28 de marzo. … lea más »

Exposición de NoMAA: El arte de la sanación

La Alianza de Artes del Norte de Manhattan (NoMAA), en colaboración con NewYork Presbyterian – The Allen Hospital, presenta El arte de la sanación Artistas: Francisco Donoso, Trisha Gupta, Jeanne Jalandoni y Diana Schmertz, Curadora: Gabriel de Guzman. Ubicación: NewYork Presbyterian – The Allen Hospital, 5141 Broadway, calle 220, (principal corredor administrativo) Nueva York, NY 10034 Fechas: 24 de octubre de 2017 a 8 de enero de 2018 … lea más »

Exposición de NoMAA: Abre Caminos / Opening Paths

NoMAA, en colaboración con Broadway Housing Communities y Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art & Storytelling, presenta “Abre Caminos / Opening Paths”, una exposición colectiva que explora la labor transformadora de las artes. Inauguración: 6 de octubre de 2017. Clausura, charla con los artistas y taller: 27 de octubre. … lea más »

(English) Call for artists: Abre Caminos/Opening Paths

(English) Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA), in partnership with Broadway Housing Communities and The Sugar Hill Children’s Museum of Art and Storytelling, is pleased to announce an open call for submissions from uptown artists for the upcoming exhibition, “Abre Caminos/Opening Paths.” Submission deadline: 24 September 2017. … lea más »

Convocatoria: El arte de la sanación

NoMAA, en colaboración con NY–Presbyterian – The Allen Hospital, busca propuestas para la próxima exposición titulada “El arte de la sanación”. Esta exposición presentará obras de artistas del alto Manhattan que exploran el tema de sanación, sea de forma figurativa, conceptual, literal o abstracta. Fecha límite de entrega de propuestas: 26 de septiembre de 2017. … lea más »

(English) Call for artists: The New Bench – Examining the bench as a social construct

(English) The New Bench is a series of public art projects that challenge our ideas around parks, communal places and how we co-exist within these spaces. Artists are invited to conceptualize a park bench; challenge how the bench encourages or discourages conversation and interaction; attempt to re-invent the bench to be more inclusive in respect to age, size, and abilities; investigate the very definition(s) of “bench” and how that plays a role in our perception and positioning of the bench within various cultures; and/or explore how a bench affects access or cross-generational exchanges. Submission deadline: 25 July 2017. … lea más »

(English) NoMAA exhibition: Women in the Heights – Disruption

Women in the Heights 2017 (thumbnail)

(English) In celebration of Women’s History Month, NoMAA presents the exhibition “Women in the Heights – Disruption,” featuring the work of 28 women artists of Uptown Manhattan. Curated by Andrea Arroyo. Dates: 10–30 March 2017. Opening reception: Friday 10 March. Artists talk and workshop: Wednesday 22 March. … lea más »